Day Trip to Catalina Island


Catalina Island is one of the most beautiful Channel islands located southwest of Los Angeles. You have the option of going to the either the south or north part of the island. To the south is Avalon, and to the north is Two Harbors. We decided to check out the city of Avalon for a day trip to this gorgeous place.

To get to Catalina, you will need to take the Catalina Express. You have the option of choosing between three ports to leave from, San Pedro, Dana Point or Long Beach. These ferries make about 30 roundtrips throughout the day to take passangers to and from the destination. The fare is between $70 and $100 roundtrip depending on the type of seating you choose. We selected the commodore lounge, which had comfortable seats and the interior was very similar to a plane. You also receive beverage vouchers as part of the fare price where you can select from a wide range of cocktails, coffee, water etc. The ride is about an hour long and very smooth. On your way to the Island, you can spot fascinating sea life such as dolphins and whales. The view is so beautiful from the wide windows of the Catalina Express. You can also step outside on the deck to feel the breeze and experience a stunning view of water all around you.

Once you arrive on the Avalon port, you will be amazed with the scenery! Clear blue waters, colorful houses/shops and boats parked everywhere. It’s a whole different experience for someone who visits this place for the first time. And especially if the day is as gorgeous as it was when we took a trip there. As soon as everyone gets off the Catalina Express, they line up alongside the walking path near the waters to take pictures of what they see. It truly is a stunning view to cherish.

We got off the Catalina Express and took some pictures just like everyone else. Then, we started walking towards the strip right across from the waters. It was so beautiful and stunning overall, like being in a whole different world. As we walked further, we see these fun and colorful shops and eateries full of yummy treats.

The strip had a great atmosphere full of people enjoying in restaurants and bars. You can choose to dine at a variety of different & happening restaurants with great atmosphere. There is a wide range of eating options like sandwiches, seafood, Italian, American or Mexican cuisines, as well as a great selection of beers and good wine.

For lunch, we were really contemplating about where to eat since there were so many amazing restaurants to choose from. So after walking around and checking out a few restaurants and their menu, it came down to trying “Maggie’s Blue Rose.” This place had an amazing atmosphere with a nice view and fresh Mexican cuisine. I totally recommend this place, and while you are there, you must try their shrimp cocktail. This was one of the best shrimp cocktails I tasted after a long time. The shrimp was so fresh and succulent served with chopped crunchy cucumber and fresh avocado. It had the right amount of sweet, spicy and tangy flavors. Totally worth the price we paid for it.

Being a health coach, I usually don’t tell people to eat sugar. However, on an occasion, its totally okay to try something sweet and special. So, if you happen to crave candy apples, do check out this place. Lloyds of Avalon is a popular confectionery located down the street from Maggie’s Blue Rose serving different types of sweet treats for all.

You will find these cute and colorful signs on the strip guiding you about all the restaurants and shops around the area and within walking distance.

A lot of people like to rent golf carts to go around the Island instead of walking. If you want to go uphill to see a more elaborated view of the Island, golf cart is the perfect way to go. You can rent these on an hourly bases, and they give you a map of Avalon to explore the city at your own pace. You can explore Avalon in an hour!

If you get tired from all that walking, find a spot to sit down and relax for some time. Anywhere you look is a beautiful and stunning view on Catalina Island. I love the fact that this place is so chill and happening at the same time. You will find people kayaking, playing or just relaxing by the beach. There is water as far as you can see and it is so calming to look at such view. This place truly is a photographer’s and a blogger’s heaven.

You will notice a lot of boats on this Island and very few cars. It is said that currently, there is a twenty year waiting list to own car for those who reside on the Island. Walking is considered the main source as Avalon is only one square mile in size. Can’t get lost here! To get to the mainland, people use their boats and yachts. Locals also rent their boats and yachts equipped with kitchen and other amenities to tourists through Airbnb.

Catalina Island overall is a nice place to spend the day. It’s relaxing as you are away from the daily life routine, sort of like being on a mini vacation at a grand resort. It’s a perfect place for a weekend getaway. After taking the day trip to Avalon, I realized that there is so much to do here. I was truly under the impression that since it’s a small place, a day trip will be just fine. However, I strongly suggest spending at least two days here to really enjoy the place. There are activities like zip lining, snorkeling, hiking, bicycling, segway tours and much more that you can participate in. Also, just to check out the nightlife of the city, and the experience of staying in a Bed & Breakfast is worth a try to explore this gorgeous place more in-depth.


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